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What We Offer

Other Services


At only $1/day/eye (OAC), almost anyone can afford LASIK vision correction these days.

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Blepharoplasty, Skin Resurfacing for Wrinkles and Acne Scarring and Botox (R) are among the services we offer

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We have the Visx S4 Excimer Laser and the Moria Microkeratome with years of experience with both!

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We offer the full range of lens options from monofocal, toric , accomodative, extended depth of focus and multifocal.

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Our doctors examine you for more than just glasses. We look beyond the basics and look for subtle findings that can lead to vision loss even years down the line.

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Many systemic disorders show up in the eye. With a through exam we can see signs of Cancer, a brain tumor, diabetes or high blood pressure.

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Extra Services


Our advanced technology can correct near, far, astigmatism and presbyopia. Although this technology is not covered by most insurance programs, most patients feel it is the best money they have ever spent!

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Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in working age patients. With aggressive control of your blood sugars and regular eye exams, you can maintain healthy vision for a lifetime.

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We are experts in Presbyopic Lens Exchange or Clear Lens exchange. This off label technology requires a visit with the doctor for a full discussion of the risks and benefits. As an overview, this is an ideal procedure to reduce or eliminate glasses for a lifetime.

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Having extensive experience with the most advanced techniques that require no foreign tissue or stitches, we have among the best results of anyone in the country. If short-cuts are taken with this procedure, the growth can come back much worse than the initial growth.

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If your lids are interfering with your peripheral vision, sometimes a blepharoplasty is indicated. A small amount of skin, muscle and fat is removed and fine sutures are used to minimize scarring. The scar is generally hidden in the natural lid crease. Some patients pursue this procedure for cosmetic purposes and others for functional improvement. We also offer laser treatment and Botox (R) for wrinkles.

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A new wave of technology is here and Dr. Malitz was among the first in the country to implement the I-Stent and CyPass micro stent. In fact Dr. Malitz was the first surgeon in Evansville, IN to use the CyPass. Visit our web site for more information.

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Neurology Services

We work with colleagues in every specialty to treat not only your eyes but you as a whole person. Headaches can be caused by too weak or too strong glasses or increased pressure behind the eyes.

Hematology Services

If your blood is too thick or too thin, you can have a stroke effecting the eye. We can spot vessel abnormalities and treat problems early to avoid vision loss.

Dermatology Services

Skin conditions around the eye can sometimes require the help of our Dermatology colleagues to arrive at the best diagnosis and treatment. Growths around the eye can be cancerous or benign.

Pediatrician Services

Children can be born with a blocked tear duct or crossed eyes. Both conditions can be effectively treated by an Ophthalmologist.

Radiation Services

Radiation can cause cataracts and those undergoing or exposed to radiation should see us on a regular basis.